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The duvets for less demanding customers. Cover made of cheaper fabric, which does not affect on thermal parameters of the products but allows to offer it at a lower price.

Air-retention micro-channels in fibres filling the duvets ensure high heat-insulating performance, elasticity and softness.

The edges of the duvets are reinforced with bias binding, which prevents the filling from going outside.

This product can be machine washed without loosing its properties. Recommended washing temperature 60°C.

Article nameDuvets Standard
Fillingsiliconized hollow polyester fibre
Coverpolycotton 70/30 polyester/cotton
Size [cm]Weight of the duvets [g]
Duvet 140 x 2001100 – 1300
Duvet 155 x 2001300 – 1600
Duvet 180 x 2001800
Duvet 220 x 2002200


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