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Luna 80/20

Hotel bed linen made of 80/20 cotton/polyester, which is the perfect blend of cotton and polyester fibres.
Cotton provides greater comfort during sleep by absorbing excess moisture from the body. On the other hand polyester provides greater mechanical resistance, makes the bed linen easier to wash and accelerates drying.
The special construction of fabric places cotton „outside” and the cotton has direct contact with the skin. The construction results also in reduced risk of pilling then other blended fabrics.

Article nameDuvetcovers and pillowcases Luna
Composition80/20 cotton/polyester
Ciężar [g/m²]150 +/- 8
Designsatin stripes 6/24 mm and 4 mm
Szerokość [cm]up to 280
Kurczliwość [%]up to 4


Mabotex s.c.
ul. Krakowska 146
32-652 Bulowice

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